Part came out from fully working unit . All our parts are tested by our qualified technicians to ensure you get a fully working part. All of our parts are used unless stated otherwise . Parts may have signs of use however nothing that will affect its functionality. Please note all of our parts are security marked to assist with identification.


All electronic parts are fully tested before hardware disassembly , only fully working components are kept. Cosmetic parts may have some , not effecting functionality imperfections. All components came from used hardware therefore they will never look as new unless otherwise stated. We will not accept returns based on the quality of cosmetic parts if part picture is supplied. 


We do not keep partially working components and we test each an every one before releasing to our online store. 


All LCD LED or Plasma PANELS for sale are in good working order, they may have some dead or SUB pixels but not more than 5 in total. Screens may have small signs of use ie. small scratches but nothing effecting functionality 

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